1.  J’ai pas sommeil (Claire Denis, 1994)

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    Powell & Pressburger’s Black Narcissus (1947)


  4. Lonely Void - Mica Levi

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    You know you’ve made it when a laundrette pays tribute to you!

    PS: You can catch In The Mood For Love at BFI Southbank this month

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    Throne of Blood (1957). Cuban poster by Moia, 2009.

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    On the question of whether Haneke would make a film about Hitler: There is a question of responsibility … first and foremost to your viewers, your audience. Responsibility entails enabling your audience to remain independent and free of manipulation. The question is how seriously do I take my viewer, to what extent do I provide him with the opportunity of creating his own opinion…

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    Lars von Trier, Nymphomaniac (Vol. II), 2013
    Ingmar Bergman, The Virgin Spring, 1960
    Andrei Tarkovsky, The Sacrifice, 1986

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  10. "The commercial interruptions destroy the value of the picture! It is grotesque, it is uncivilized!"
    — Otto Preminger in reaction to Screen Gems airing of Anatomy Of A Murder with commercial interruptions as recalled by biographer Willi Frischauer in Behind The Scenes Of Otto Preminger, 1974. (via zimbofilms)